Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What am I eating?

Since I need to get back to regular blogging, and I'm no longer doing Medifast, i thought I'd point out what it is I'm eating currently.

I'm still somewhat in a 'Medifast Mindset', in that I'm eating 5-6 times a day, and lots of prepackaged snacks, I'm just well over the calories that Medifast provides.

The bulk of my pre-packaged foods are:

Weightloss shakes (about 200 calories)
Protein Bars (about 200 calories)
Greek Yogurt with granola (150-200 calories)
Frozen 'light' lunches (200-300 calories)
Cheese sticks (85 calories)
Canned tuna (100 calories)
Nuts (75-150 calories)

these have taken the place of Medifast bars, crunchy snacks, hearty meals, and shakes. They run close to 2x as many calories as Medifast, and are higher carb. I'm ok with that though.

In addition to that, I'm eating egg white/egg beater eggs, and turkey sausage/turkey bacon for some breakfasts.

I'm having bagels 1 day a week for breakfast as well.

for dinner I'm trying to be reasonable without being ridiculous. We ate out a lot the past 6-8 weeks, so we're going back to healthier options, but not just 'chicken breast plus some mushrooms' like before, there's some other things on the plate.

I'm getting back into the swing of tracking, but it's not a solid habit yet.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, new... Fitbit?

I'm looking forward to getting a FitBit Surge. I have been trying to read up on the device, especially how it actually works in the real world.

I've still got my recalled Force, but I submitted my claim for a return recently. Soon I'll ship it back to FitBit, and get a bit over half of what a Surge costs. Then, I think Ill get the Surge with some birthday money.