Wednesday, April 2, 2014

FitBit update!

So, I finally got the email telling me my FitBit Force had been recalled and I should send it in for a full refund. The only problem with this, is I do not want a different FitBit. So, for now I'm keeping mine and checking my wrist every day for sings of rash, and will ditch it if they appear.

I also just got my weekly FitBit summary, so let's take a look at it!

So, from the top!

My most active day was Sunday, March 30th... this surprises me, as that day was a D&D day so there was lots of sitting around a table. On the other hand, there was also a lot of house cleaning and some intense EFXing and Weight lifting as well, so I guess that did it. My least active day was a Tuesday, and a day with no workout at all, so that makes perfect sense.

Total steps are up to 47,000! I need to get this up a little higher. If I hit goal every day my steps would be at 52,500, so I'm about 5,000 steps short. Still, not bad for the week! Distance seems reasonable given the number of steps, as well.

My stairs climbed might be close to accurate at 20. This number is still not very useful though, as I get phantom flights of stairs added regularly.

Calories in vs Out and Calories burned are staying pretty consistent. Weight loss, however, took a dive. That said, last week's was way too high, so this balances out. Since FitBit picks when it's cutoff points are, my water weight is going to make a big difference on weekly totals. As long as it keeps going down, though, everything is good.

Finally we've got sleep duration. this went down a bit due to a couple of late nights. I really would lie to get this number creeping up, especially after this week.

Oh, and I also earned a few badges and got third place on the step ladder! Woo, go me.

I'm still really enjoying my FitBit, much more than my Nike FuelBand. Now, the folks at FitBit just need to make a new Force without the rash issues, with a larger screen that communicates with my phone for texts and caller ID and a built in HRM. Get on it, guys.


  1. Do I understand correctly that at 47,000 steps, you walked the third-most of all fitbit users in the world? Nothing against your stepping abilities, but that surprises me! :)

    1. Hah! No, I walked the third most steps that week of all of the users that I am FitBit friends with. That's a much more reasonable number to compete with, and is a list of less than 20 people.

    2. Whew! That's a pretty good idea for a leader board.