Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two months. 20 lbs.

I backslid a lot. I can say it was because of my injury and surgery. That's partially true. But there's also the holiday, where I ate junk because I wanted to. And I'm eating more fast food.

So it's a combination of things. It was easy to get into bad habits with limited mobility.

Now, though, I want to get back to where I was before the injury. That's ~260 lbs. I'm at ~280.

So, time to lose 20 pounds, trying to do it via IIFYM.

My primary strategy: 320 calories for 60g of protein shake, and make sure I eat a reasonable lunch meal and reasonable dinner, hitting 150g or more of protein and 150g or less of carbs.

I am planning to allow one cheat lunch and one cheat dinner a week. However these 'cheats' will be pre-tracked and I'll work around them to maintain IIFYM as much as possible.

Dinners will be Chicken, Fish, Turkey with Mushrooms and some other reasonable carb (beans, corn, a small serving of rice or pasta, or a single roll).

I'm not going to weigh this week as I'm kicking up exercise and changing my diet. I'm just going to track everything and see what happens.

I was doing well yesterday, but overdid my exercise and ended up eating a late snack of nutella and cheese that wasn't ideal for carbs, but I stayed way under on calories. I need to make sure that my late night snacks are a can of tuna, a cheese stick, maybe an apple... and not a spoonful of nutella out of the jar.