Thursday, November 6, 2014

Overdue update!

So, let's update what's been going on the past month.

I severed my Achilles tendon, and had to wait three weeks to get into surgery. Well, surgery was a success! I wore a splint for a couple days and then went and got checked on and got a cast.

Two weeks in a cast, completely non weight-bearing, and then I got stitches out. Stitches came out Tuesday of this week and everything looked good. I got put into a heavier cast with my toes pointed down to protect the healing tendon. I'm in this cast for three weeks, BUT I'm  now allowed to do as much weight bearing as I like.

I've hobbled around a little bit with a crutch, and done some 'scooting'. It's not easy, but I'm doing it.

On November 25th I'll be taken out of the cast and put into a walking boot with a heel lift, and can start walking with a crutch or a cane. This will be just in time for our drip to Disney, so I'll be scooting around the parks on a motorized scooter for much of the time, and limiting my walking to just a little bit a day.

I've gained a bit of weight over the past month, which isn't surprising considering stress, Halloween, and limited exercise. But it's time to get back on the wagon and make sure I've not lost any ground when I get out of this thing. I want to be at no more than 260 lbs when I get the cast off. I weighed 266.8 this morning, and I think my cast weighs 3-5 lbs between the cotton, the fiberglass, and the tape.

So, today, I'm back to tracking on MFP and I'll weigh every day now that I can stand on my own feet. I should be able to get back in sync pretty easily, and then it's just 'make good decisions' and hit the holiday season at 260, and not 340 like last year.