Thursday, April 2, 2015


Now that my Achilles is back in mostly working order, I've begun running again.

I started with a couple of days on the treadmill at work, and while running felt really weird, I was able to do it ok. My right calf is still significantly weaker than my left, so everything feels off and I have to make sure I'm not overcompensating. Combine that with the weirdness of running n a treadmill and it just felt off.

On March 28, I did my first day of C25K, Week 1, Day 1. We ran on the track at The Lodge, so I don't have GPS data, but we did about 1.3 miles. I had to speed walk at least one of the running segments.

March 30th we went to Des Peres Park and ran Week 1, Day 2. Not counting Warmup and Cool Down, I got in 1.26 miles with a 14:37 minute/mile pace. This felt really good, with my fastest interval coming in at a 10:42 minute/mile, which is WAY too fast for me to run for any length of time.

Last night (April 1) I braved the wind and potential storms and went out to Des Peres Oark again. This time I knocked out 1.28 miles with a 14:28 minute/mile pace. My fastest interval was still too fast, at 10:51.

My goal is to work on getting my running intervals at 12-13 minutes/mile pace, and my walking intervals at a 14-15/minutes/mile pace. Also, I need to get my form a little better.

Tomorrow is Week 2, day 1... I transition from Run 60 seconds/walk 90 seconds 8 times to run 90 seconds, walk 2 minutes 6 times. I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to run it since we're going out of town.