Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Back to the blog!

I can give all sorts of excuses. I was close to goal. The blog posts were repetitive. I couldn't think of something to write.

And then there was my ruptured Achilles, and the surgery, and the cast, and then the physical therapy.

But the fact is that I just weighed in at nearly 280, after being at 255 at the end of summer. Yes, 10 lbs of that was going off Medifast and back into a real diet, as soon as my body had carbs again I popped up, as expected. However, what I didn't do was stay there.

I can blame the lack of exercise due to surgery, and bloating and swelling, but I also know that I wasn't eating properly. So it's time to get back on the wagon. Blogging regularly. tracking my food intake. Getting back to the gym regularly. Rehabbing my foot so I can play tennis again and start running.

Today is a new Day Zero. Nearly a year ago I started this journey and was sitting at 332 pounds. I had gotten down to 280 in April. My goal is still at 240, and I've got 39.8 pounds to go, starting now.

I don't really want to kickstart things with another bout of Medifast, but it is definitely time to go back to small meals, lots of healthy snacks, and reasonable dinners. MyFitnessPal needs to be back on the daily website rotation, and I need to update the app and track religiously.

Yes, that includes the cupcake I got in the break room this morning. *sigh*