Friday, February 14, 2014

So sick of the snow...

Looking out my window, despite it being above freezing and raining, there's still snow everywhere. A lot melted over the past 12 hours, but we're scheduled to get a little more.

It's finally melting...
However, next week is supposed to be in the 60's part of the time, and maybe we can get all the snow that isn't piled up from plowing melted, at least. I'm ready to be able to go outside and not moan about how cold and gross it is.
In other news, I had a low water day yesterday. I probably only drank 24-32 oz of water, and 16 oz of tea, and I could totally tell. I'm a little swollen, up about half a pound, and have dry mouth. I'll resolve that today and see how that works out for me.
Not much to say today, so I'll leave with a Medifast Snack Bar tip:
Caramel Crunch bars have a chewy odd texture, and are too sweet as-is. Toss them in the microwave for 5-9 seconds and then push them down into some coarse sea salt. You get a sea-salt caramel flavor that cuts the sweetness and is pretty delicious if you like salted caramel. 
And ugh... as I type this the rain splattering my office window has just transitioned to sleet.  

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