Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Monday workout!

Workout days are easy blogging days, since I can just talk about the workout! I got to class at 7:15 and we jumped right in to the warm up.

Warm-up (repeat 3x)

  • Kettlebell Swings (45 seconds, 30 pound Kettlebell)
  • TRX Reverse Lunges (60 seconds)
  • Wall Push 'mountain climbers' (60 seconds)

After we finished our warm-up, we went into our circuit. We had 6 stations, each station had two exercises. We did 30 seconds of each and then quick swapped to the second exercise, then repeated so we were at each station for two minutes of exercise, one minute each. Here was the order I did mine in:

Circuit (2 minutes each station, change exercises every 30 seconds)

Station 1:

  • Heavy rope in-and-out waves
  • Bicep Curls, Blue Band

Station 2:

  • Mountain Climbers against a stack of mats on glides
  • Dragging the chains in a circle, backwards

Station 3:

  • TRX Pectoral Fly pull-ups
  • TRX Triceps Extensions

Station 4:

  • Calf Raises on a step
  • TRX Squats

Station 5: 

  • Kayaking on mats, feet up, 15 pound body bar
  • Leg lifts on mats

Station 6: 

  • Chest Presses on the cable machine, 54 pounds
  • Freestyle on the Heavy Bag
Then we went onto partner work. One of us held a wall squat while the other did a farmer walk down and back the length of the gym, we swapped out when the walker got back. I added shoulder shrugs to my Farmer's Walk.

Partner Work (3 minutes total, alternating)
  • Wall Squat while holding a 10 lb medicine ball between your knees
  • Farmer Walk, 35 lb kettlebell in each hand
After that we did a quick stretch and then I drove to work and got a shower in our locker rooms. For breakfast I ate a few ounces of leftover chicken with my Medifast shake. Tonight I plan to go to the gym again and do a brief workout while my wife trains for her 5k, as well. I'm going to try to do more leg work, squats and dead lifts, but we'll see how I feel!

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