Sunday, February 2, 2014

Navigating our fancy night out!

I just got back from the hotel after we finished up our charity ball. While I weighed in a little late (and after having water and a Medifast bar), I wanted to get it in anyway, just to see... and I'm down over a pound. We'll see if that weight loss sticks around 24 hours for the day after though!
Preceding the night out, I had standard Medifast meals but with extra protein, since I wasn't sure what dinner was going to be. My wife and I agreed that we'd try to stick as close to plan as possible, but we weren't going to be ridiculous about it.
Once we got to the hotel, I picked up chicken fingers for our daughter from the bar and then we went to the event. The cocktail reception was great, we got pictures, chatted, entered into the raffles... and I drank water and had one little cup of shredded pork with a white bean ragu.
For dinner I picked at a salad, eating some greens, some pecans, some figs, and some pumpkin seeds. There was a walnut vinaigrette on the salad that was ok. After a few bites, I called it and patently ignored the bread and butter.
The main course was a piece of steak, a piece of grouper with a tomato puree on top, green beans with mushrooms, and potatoes. I ignored the potato, gave my wife my steak and took her fish, and ate the fish, mushrooms, and most of the green beans.
I would like to point out at this time that both the salad and the green beans were 'edible'. Neither was amazing, but they weren't really offensive either. I count this as a triumph. I'm making a note here, huge success.
Dessert came out and was a key lime pie with blueberry compote and an ancho chili chocolate flour-less torte. I had one bite of each, the key lime pie wasn't worth it and the torte was. I put my napkin over the dessert plate after one bite though.
After dinner we danced for a couple hours, and hopefully I burned off all those carbs on the dance floor. When we got back to the room at 1 a.m. I was ravenous and ended up eating a leftover chicken finger, as I expected it had more protein and less carbs than an extra Medifast meal.
I think I navigated the dinner well enough, and we'll see how this affects things short term, see if I drop out of ketosis or feel extra hungry. either way, this is a once a year event and it was worth it!

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