Monday, January 27, 2014

Exercising on Medifast

I woke up this morning ready for my first A.M. exercise class on the plan. I woke up an hour before class, had egg beaters and a shake for breakfast and got to class.
Class was a pretty basic circuit: 
Warm up was 1 minute of TRX squats, 30 seconds of power curls (I used a black band, it's a squat into a bicep curl), 1 minute of leg swings (30 seconds each leg) then repeat.
After warm-up we hit the circuit, 40 seconds each exercise: 
  • 46 lb Chest Presses on the cable machine
  • Alternating waves while walking forward/back with the heavy rope
  • 50 lb Kettlebell Squats
  • TRX butterfly pull ups
  • Calf drops/raises on a step
  • Alternating shoulder presses with a 45lb Olympic bar, one end on the ground, 27lb added to the end I'm lifting
  • Freestyle on the heavy bag
We repeated this circuit twice.
Next we did partner work, although we only partnered once, 40 seconds each of: 
  • Planks
  • Wall Squats
  • Band running... one person has a heavy band around their waist and runs, while the other person holds on to the band and tries to hold them back. 
We closed out with some stretches on our feet.
I pushed myself fairly hard and felt it three times... all on the heavy cardio areas. After working the bag both times, and doing the band run, I had a stitch in my side. Other than that I felt pretty good. I'm doing 'real' planks these days and they SUCK. It's amazing how much easier they are when you cheat just a little bit.
I'm going to hydrate and see how I feel. I brought extra protein (laughing cow, chicken breast) if I feel like I need it.  
In other news, I was up .1 lb this morning, likely due to holding onto water for eating too much sodium yesterday (hello, Turkey Jerky), or just vagaries of the scale as my weight starts settling down.
Also, we found an amazing method for making Medifast brownies yesterday... fill them with PB2, bake in the oven until partially baked, freeze. Ridiculously good. 

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