Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FitBit weekly update!

I just got my FitBit weekly update in my email, and thought this would be a good time to share another one, and give more thoughts on my FitBit Force now that I've had it a few weeks. So, first, here's the update!

Woot, 3rd place on the leaderboard! Go me!

So, let's take a look at these numbers... Step count is down a little from the week I was on vacation, did a fun run, and walked all over Fairhope, Alabama. I can live with that. This obviously affects my mileage as well.

Then we get to 'Floors Climbed' and you'd think 'Holy crap, the man is a stair climbing machine! Look at those numbers! And a 34 floor day!' However, you'd be wrong. Here's the reality: I go up one flight of stairs in the parking garage, and 2 flights of stairs in my office. That's 3 a day. Many days I go down to the gym, so that's 2 more when I come back up. And most days at home I go down to the basement once or twice, so that's a couple more. My average day should be 5 or 6, and a good day should be 7-9. So what happened?

The EFX machine at work, when it is over level 10, and I'm going fast, credits me with a flight of stairs every 45-90 seconds. Apparently, with my arms on the handles, I'm going fast enough that the wind force hitting the sensor is triggering a pressure change and it gives me a flight of stairs credited. Oh well, there's nothing I can really do about it, so now my stairs climbed number is terribly suspect. I can live with it though.

Calories Burned/Calories In VS Out is interesting. And shockingly accurate, apparently. I have a deficit built in for 7000 calories, or two pounds. Then I burned an extra 9460 calories, on top of that. With those numbers I should have lost 4.7 lbs for the week... and I lost 4.6. How about that! This is still terribly suspect because it can't really take into account the water weight issue when I'm retaining water, but it's still neat to see the math work out so precisely this week.

The we have our sleep tracker, I'm doing well keeping that going and I really like seeing the averages. I should probably be getting to bed a little earlier.

Further FitBit Force Thoughts

Unfortunately, the FitBit Force has been discontinued due to issues with people having rashes. I've not had any symptoms yet, so I'm not recalling mine (yet, at least). The Force was the first FitBit that I felt replaced the Nike FuelBand, and I'm not willing to go back to my FuelBand, or switch FitBit products. I hope that I can keep the Force until they come out with a replacement for it that is even better.

For me, the FitBit Force is still 'almost perfect'. It is easier to wear than the FuelBand, the screen looks good, the features are excellent. I wish it were truly waterproof, but that would cost the stair counting feature. I would probably prefer a Force that was truly waterproof without that feature, but that's not an option, and I'm unwilling to lose the display and go to a Flex.

The band clasp is still strange, but it's pretty easy to realize if it is seated properly or not. I've only had the Force pop off my wrist once, when I caught the edge of it on a shopping cart. Other than that, it's been perfectly secure, and there is no sign of the clasp mechanism failing or wearing so far.

If you could still find these somewhere, I'd still recommend it. If you can deal with the FitBit One's form factor, it's the same device so that would be the health tracker I'd recommend if you don't need a wrist-based form. But until FitBit gets a replacement for the Force on the market, I think the other wrist-based trackers all need to mature a little more.

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