Monday, February 3, 2014

Small class workout

Just got back from my Monday morning workout, we broke the class into three sections again today.
There were only five of us so we each had an individual station with mats against the wall, two kettlebells, and a band. In the middle of the workout room we had three heavy ropes stretched out.
I was using a blue (heavy) band and two 25-lb kettlebells.
We did one warm up circuit: 
  • 30 seconds - Kettlebell squat and snatch with one kettlebell (squat with kettlebell in one hand, come up, let go of the kettlebell and snatch with the other hand, back into a squat, repeat)
  • 45 seconds - TRX squat-into-pull-up  
  • 30 seconds - leg swings right leg
  • 30 seconds - leg swings left leg
 We repeated this circuit twice and then started our main circuit: 
  • 45 seconds - front squats with two kettlebells, butt on the mat then up
  • 45 seconds - step-ups right leg on the mat  first with both kettlebells
  • 45 seconds - step-ups left leg on the mat first with both kettlebells
  • 45 seconds - kick outs while standing on the band 
We then moved to the ropes, where one of us stood on one end while the other did the exercise: 
  • 15 seconds - vertical waves
  • 15 seconds - stand
  • 15 seconds - horizontal waves
  • 15 seconds - stand
  • 15 seconds - overhead rotations
  • 15 seconds - stand 
We repeated this circuit three times and went to the next circuit, using a band and a TRX:
  • 45 seconds - TRX  push-ups
  • 45 seconds - Band Triceps Extensions
  • 45 seconds - TRX pull-ups
  • 45 seconds - Band bicep curls 
Finally, we stretched it out using foam rollers on upper back, lower back, and sides.
To prep for the workout I had a Medifast shake and about 5 oz of turkey breast at 6:30. It's 9:00 a.m. now and I'm hitting 24 oz of water.  I seem to have made it safely through the weekend with no spike due to carbs, sodium, or lack of hydration!  

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