Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NSV at work today, and NSV's in general

So today while I was working, my company IM pinged at me and I got a great NSV (Non-Scale Victory):
Co-worker [1:47 PM]:
today is other coworker's bday and we have some cake for her, if you want a piece stop by but it's going fast. 
Marshall Jansen [1:48 PM]:
Thanks! I'll stop by and say Happy Birthday, but cake is not on my diet  
Co-worker [1:49 PM]:
sorry to be the evil food pusher and i just said that you look like you've lost a lot of weight to someone.
How about that! People at work are noticing my weight loss. Also, I said 'Happy Birthday' and did NOT eat the 'Death by Chocolate' cake they had there.

What are some other NSVs?

  • I can visibly see my stomach is shrinking. When I 'suck in' it's impressively flatter than it's been in years.
  • I threw away a belt today. It was simply far too big and not worth dealing with. I have another belt that is good enough that I need to punch a couple extra holes in it, and the belt I'm wearing today is no longer tight on the last hole either. I now only have one belt that truly fits, and I bought it a couple weeks ago.
  • My cardio is going through the roof. I have to really hammer the EFX to break a sweat and keep cranking up the levels.
  • I'm taking the stairs every day at work and not winded at the top of them.
  • My glasses and ring fit better.
  • My face is slimming down and I'm losing the double chin.
  • Clothes are fitting better than they ever have before.
  • My XL and smaller XXL t-shirts are back in rotation (and my XXXL are on their way out).

45 pounds down, 47 to go. One pound away from my (relatively arbitrary) halfway point. I'm pretty excited about the next 47 pounds too, as I'm now lighter than I've been in probably close to a decade... and not only that, I'm now at a weight where I can tell that I'm in better shape than I was when I *was* lighter than this.

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