Friday, April 4, 2014

Changing my food schedule for today!

Tonight I'm going to be out at an event that isn't a place where I can eat dinner. I mean, I could eat dinner, but it's an area that has a food court with things like pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream.

So tonight I'm not going to have a good opportunity to eat my lean and green, so what do I do?

Well, the first thing I did was to cook some chicken and mushrooms this morning and packed them in my lunch. At lunch today, instead of Medifast Mac and Cheese with an ounce of chicken, I had Medifast Mac and Cheese, a cup of mushrooms, and 6 ounces of chicken.

Combined with my shake this morning, and a bar, and I'm good. I'll have my pretzels on the way to my event, and then I'll eat a second bar around 8:00 pm.

That will get me my 5+1 for the day and not impact my ability to run the event.

What event you might ask? I'm representing Geekway at the St. Louis Science Center's 'First Friday' event.

If you don't come for the games, come for the dinosaurs.

Geekway will be there with a small board game library and will teach people games and promote our convention this May. We did this back in January and it was a great time. If you're in St .Louis, you should check it out!

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