Friday, August 1, 2014

Progress pics, before and after

Long before I started Medifast, I took some 'before pics' when I decided to start losing weight on my doctor's advice. Over the course of 6 months or so (honestly I'm not certain when the first pic was taken, May 2013 is an estimate) I went from 345 pounds to 332 pounds, at which point I decided to start Medifast. Despite 332 not being my 'heaviest recorded weight', I completely reset MFP to zero at this point, to give me a baseline. However, I didn't take fresh progress pics then.

In addition to the loss of 90 pounds between these two pictures you can also see a few other interesting changes...

For one, we finished painting the bathroom! I'm wearing my Fitbit in the new picture. I'm not wearing my wedding band, as it is at the jeweler getting resized so it stops falling off my finger, and finally, I've got a new phone. Also notice that I have learned to take pictures in landscape mode as well.


  1. Wow Marshall. You forgot to say that you have muscles.