Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Taste of Spring!

It's been a hectic day and I'm squeezing in some time to blog before going to Trivia tonight. I don't want to miss my blog streak so this may end up being a little abbreviated and stream-of-consciousness-based.

First, I went to the gym last night and did a decent leg workout. I opened up with just under 30 minutes of EFX while I finished watching the Breaking Bad Season 1 finale. When that episode was over, I did a brief cool down and then hit the weights.

First up, I spotted Christy on the bench press for three sets, and then I hit bench presses for 95 lbs. I pushed out 4 sets and then did leg work... three sets each of squats (145 lbs) and dead-lifts (155 lbs). I was pretty happy with both of those, but don't see me increasing weight next time.

I woke up today and was down a pound and change, despite the workout! Drinking massive amounts of water and sleeping well are paying off.

Today, we've been running errands, cleaning, prepping for Trivia. I've not been as good about my water... but the day was so nice we actually opened the windows and let some fresh air in! Not only that, Christy and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I know we're getting more snow and sub-freezing temperatures next week, but I'll take this while I can get it!

Now, time to go finish getting ready for Trivia. I'm bringing a couple of Medifast meals and we're bringing a veggie tray... no cheese and crackers and cookies and cakes and preserved meats for us tonight, ah well.

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