Sunday, February 23, 2014

Good bye, Spring! Hello Trivia Night!

Just got back from running an errand to Trader Joe's, and it's cold again... around 30 degrees, after yesterday's 60s. Oh well.

Trivia last night was a lot of fun. The categories were based on superheroes, and while there was too much DC and not enough Marvel, it was a good time. Lots of people in cool costumes, tons of superhero T-shirts, and it was all for the Make-A-Wish foundation, so it was a great cause. We bought raffle tickets and did the balloon pop but didn't win anything this time... we also came in 7th place overall, a few points out of the money, due to musical categories and the Make-A-Wish category that were really hard!

In the past, Trivia nights have been buffet grazing zones with cookies, preserved meats, cheeses, and crackers. Tonight we brought a veggie tray and some Medifast snacks. Watching the rest of the table have Jimmy John's sandwiches and homemade blondies was actually a little bit harder than I expected it to be, but we both managed to avoid either temptation.

This got us thinking about the future of these types of events. Obviously, the key is to not let them be random grazing, but have a plan. Once we're at goal, there's no reason not to have some cheese, some crackers, and a blondie... we just need to track it and be reasonable, and make sure there's something healthy there to go with everything else. So, the veggie tray should be a staple, and then it's that plus a couple of other snacks and we should be good to go.

On the success front, this week has been crazy. Last week I was up .7, down 2.4, up .6, down .2, up 2.2, down 2.4... all that bouncing around and I ended up with a 1.7 lb loss. I realized late in the week I'd been sleeping less and drinking less water and I made an effort to correct both of those things, as well as continuing my exercise.

This week, I've seen losses of .6, 1.6, and 2.6. I'm sleeping better and drinking a ton more water and so far it's been steady drops. I'm not sure I can expect that to stick around, but my theory is that my body is getting used to my exercise intensity and finally letting go of some extra water... and me staying hydrated is probably helping.

In the land of NSV's, my favorite belt is honestly getting to be too big. I need to punch a new hole in it. I've moved 3-4 holes from when I started.

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  1. The Superhero trivia sounds like it was fun! Good job on the veggie tray.