Sunday, February 9, 2014

Finally getting into the groove with my punching bag

One of my favorite exercises in our circuit training class is working on the heavy bag. My wife got me a Century Wavemaster bag and some bag gloves for Christmas, and I finally got it set up and filled and have been using it. I want to get to where I can go full speed on it for 10 minute straight... not there yet.
I put 10 minutes in on it yesterday, and just did 20 minutes today. It's exhausting but a good workout for increasing endurance.
However, I need to find a way to stop it from sliding across the floor as I work on it! 
In other general updates... the Medifast diet is still going well. This week my weight loss has slowed down a lot, which was expected. I knew the massive losses from the first few weeks couldn't be sustained.
We tried some new foods this week... the Mixed Berry Cereal is surprisingly good. Caramel Crunch bars are a little chewy but decent, and the sloppy joe is very bland and tomato-y. I had to doctor it pretty heavily, and think I'll be sticking with Mac and Cheese and Chili for my hearty meals.
 I'm trying very hard to keep some semblance of normalcy on most meals... shake or cereal for my first meal, mac and cheese or chili for 'lunch' (generally meal 3), a bar and pretzels/puffs for the other two Medifast meals in the day, and then dessert (soft serve pudding or brownie). I think keeping this schedule, while not required, will make things easier during the eventual transition phase.
I've also not been shy about adding extra lean protein this past week. I should probably try to bring that down a little and only have it on heavy workout days. 

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