Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fitbit Force thoughts

I first started using a personal fitness tracker in December of 2012. My wife had just gotten a FitBit One, and I loved the concept, hated the form factor. At the time, the Nike+ FuelBand was the clear winner for me, with its techy styling. And, they promised an Android app later in the month.
My FitBit Force
 Well, fast forward 14 months and Nike still chooses to ignore the Android market, and FitBit finally made the device I wanted... a One, in a wrist-based form factor.
I've had it for 24 hours and so far I'm very happy with it. It syncs great with my phone, wirelessly. It automatically updates MFP and my Walgreen's Rewards apps. It has built in alarms and will buzz on my wrist, it tracks more than the FuelBand as well.
The wrist strap is a little finicky, but once you get it to click, it is solid. It was comfortable to sleep in as well, and tracked my sleep fairly accurately. I also like both the website and mobile app features.
Overall, I think that the FitBit Force is clearly the best fitness tracker for Android users, and while it's not perfect, It'll be good enough until the technology matures more.
Now I just need an app that will track my food for me without me having to type it in! 

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