Friday, February 7, 2014

Nike FuelBand vs Fitbit Force

I've been a user of the Nike FuelBand for well over a year. I am a big fan of its form factor and how it works in general... 
Unfortunately, the good people at Nike refuse to integrate the FuelBand with my Android phone, so I'm considering buying a Fitbit Force today. If the large fits my giant wrist, I'll buy it.
Nike is about to lose a customer due to their inability to get an Android app out in a reasonable time frame. When I purchased my Fuelband in December of 2012, an Android app was in development. Well, a year later and they still ignore me. So I'm out.
I looked at a few other bands... the Basis is really cool, but it's too early for me to adopt it. 
I'll post more about the Fitbit if I get it, but for now, I'm just a little sad that I'm considering giving up my Fuelband.  
UPDATE: Just picked up a Fitbit Force and have it set up and syncing with MFP. So far I like it.  

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