Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trying something new!

A very short blog post today, as I've got a ton to do and with the snow coming in possibly not a ton of time to do it all in.
First off, I'm up a tiny bit today... 0.3 lbs. Yet again, I had some Jerky as a protein-based snack and worked out before a gain. Not sure if the workout or the jerky is more to blame, but I woke up with my ring tight. I'll hit my water today and skip the jerky and resolve it.
Secondly,  I forgot to eat breakfast this morning. I got gas this morning and went inside and got a high-protein, low carb bar.  It's more calories and carbs than I'm supposed to have, but I felt it was better than skipping.
Thirdly, tonight I'm making spaghetti squash for the first time! I'm going to roast it with a touch of olive oil, some salt, pepper, and garlic, and serve it with Italian seasoned turkey breast. A month ago I wouldn't have even tried it, but I ate green beans and salad, some squash is nothing.
I hope it's good. Mushrooms are fine and all, but some variety in my 'green' will be nice. 

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