Friday, January 31, 2014

Thoughts about Special Occasions

After my birthday, I realized it was a little depressing to have a special occasion and miss out on say, Birthday Cake. Skipping the Friday bagels and donuts at work is one thing, but a birthday coming and going without that treat was pretty annoying.
Now, the problem with Birthday Cakes is that they are giant cakes. If you make a cake that serves 24 or 36 and then three people eat it, that's a lot of cake.
Also, on this diet, you really have to watch the carbs, or you'll knock your carbs over 100g and stop losing weight as well.
With Valentine's Day coming up, how do you prevent this? There won't be a box of Godiva Chocolates this year. So, I think I'm going to go with a couple of homemade, dark-chocolate dipped strawberries for my wife and me.
1 oz of dark chocolate is 13g of carbs
1 large strawberry is 1 gram of carbs
 Each strawberry should take between .5 to .75 oz of chocolate. Thats 7-10g of carbs per strawberry. One of those will be able to be worked into a lean and green meal without tanking the day.
So yes, I know both fruit and chocolate are not on the Medifast approved list, but one strawberry, on one day, when you plan for it seems perfectly reasonable, and will seem more 'special' than just calling a Medifast brownie our dessert.
With Mother's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other events, I'll try to come up with other 7-10g of carb 'treats'. But if all I can manage is dark chocolate strawberries, that will work too! 

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