Friday, March 21, 2014

50 pounds down! Also, I jumped back into HabitRPG!

50 Pounds? Seriously?

I weighed last night before bed and was shocked to see that I was only up a few tenths of a pound, and sure enough, when I weighed in this morning, I was down a couple of pounds. Those pounds took me to 50 pounds lost! I'm on the other side of halfway now.

Today was also a measurement day... I haven't posted about these in a while (if ever?) and so let's see where we stand!

Neck: 19 inches (was 21 inches on January 16)
Biceps (relaxed): 14.5 inches (was 16 inches on January 16)
Biceps (flexed): 16.5 inches (was 17.5 inches on January 16)
Belly: 46.5 inches (was 53.5 inches on January 16)
Thigh: 27 inches (was 28.5 inches on January 16)

Overall, this is a good trend. I'm sure I'm losing a little lean mass as I lose weight, that is to be expected. But I'm doing better than expected and I'm sure I'll end up at a point where I need to bulk up a little on the muscle mass once I get to transition and maintenance.


While on MFP today, I saw a post talking about HabitRPG, and I reminded myself that I was an early adopter of this, but I never really used it. I decided to get back into it and see what was up.

The first thing I noticed was that it works a lot better than it used to. I was dead, back to level one, and my training sword was damaged, but everything made sense and worked nicely.

In just a few minutes, I was back in and had updated my tasks, keying off all the things I should do every day. You can set up dailies that only fire off on certain days of the week, as well, so things like 'take out the trash' are easier to set up as well! You can also set difficulites for yourself, so that things you don't want to do give you more gold and XP.

An adventurer is me!
I was able to add a lot more tasks to my sheet and we'll see if I keep up with it this time. I've downloaded the app to my phone, and added it to my status bar. If it is fun, I'll keep up with it. I did notice that you can 'cheat' and just give yourself XP and Gold, but there's little point in that. Despite losing my previous progress, I'm ok with starting fresh as well.

Anyone else using HabitRPG? Has it worked for you?


  1. These posts have been totally inspirational for me. Keep them up, and congratulations on 50 pounds lost!!!

  2. Thanks Brian! Posting about it daily is certainly helping keep me invested in the process!