Saturday, March 8, 2014

An exercise in thwarting temptation

Today is my daughter's birthday party. She's here with 4 other 12 year old girls, and they are having a fairly standard party with candy, cake, ice cream, pizza, corn dogs, juice, etc.

Baking her cake today (zebra-striped cake of orange and chocolate, frosted with homemade dark chocolate buttercream), I managed not to lick any utensils. I had one small dollop of frosting when I was done icing the cake.

I made sure to get ice cream I had no interest in eating, it's some neon birthday flavor.

Mini corn dogs and bagel bites normally don't tempt me, but today they looked good.

But, made it through. I ate my Medifast meals, and had an early Lean and Green of Tilapia and mushrooms, and some egg beaters to finish off my protein later.

Tonight I'll go to the gym and knock out some elliptical work. Also I need to drink more water, I've slacked off on it today after doing well yesterday.

Overall, though, today is a success, despite having party snacks and sweets all over the house!

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