Friday, March 7, 2014

Green Tea!

I've read many times that green tea is a magical drink with all sorts of good things in it for you to stay healthy and lose weight. I have no idea if any of that is true or not, but I've always liked Green Tea and I recently purchased some tea and tea accessories (by recently, I mean several months ago, before I started this blog).

I thought about posting yet another workout summary, or to talk about my Medifast order I made yesterday, but those seem boring, so instead I'm going to post about my tea! With pictures!

First, you can't be a proper tea snob unless you have a tea infuser:

Meet Mr. Tea Robot
My infuser came from Think Geek and is a little robot with adjustable arms and the tea goes into his body. You open him up with the little buttons on his head, and he sits in a tiny drip tray.

And of course, if you have a geeky infuser, you really need the right cup... or in my case, mug:

This cup is a triumph.
The front of my stylish black mug has the Aperture Laboratories logo on it.

I'm making a note here, huge success.
And the back has their motto. Who couldn't trust Aperture and GLadOS? I mean honestly. I can't say too many good things about this mug. It's clever and geeky and subtle, and if you don't know anything about Portal, it just looks like a relatively generic company mug that you'd get at a trade show.

So, what goes in the mug? Green tea! I've purchased a sampler pack from the Tao of Tea that I like a lot:

Every time I read the top of this to myself, I sound out 'The Dao of Dea'
This was a good purchase for a number of reasons... it looks nice on my desk, it's got amazing little tins of tea, the box is cool, it's all very aesthetically pleasing. When you open up the tins of tea, there's a second, internal lid, and then the loose tea is in there in the tin:

Jasmine Pearls, with both lids removed. I'm running low.
So you open up your tea, pop open your infuser and drop the tea pearls or leaves in, seal it up, and then hook the robot to the mug and fill with hot water:

Mr. Robot taking a relaxing boiling water bath.
The infuser hangs on to the edges of the cup and sits there, letting the water soak the green tea goodness up.

I have no idea if the tea is helping me lose weight, and I really don't care. All of the accessories look cool on my desk, there's a nice ritual to preparing the tea, and I like the taste. If you like tea (any kind) then I highly recommend getting an infuser and loose leaf tea, it is really a nice way to geek out over tea.

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