Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A quick update on HabitRPG

So, I've been using HabitRPG for a while now, and I have to admit that between the web site and the Android App, I'm actually using it daily. It's helping me with things I should be doing but don't want to do, and also I'm rewarding myself with things I already know I can do every day.

Let's take a look at what I'm using it for!

Ok, here we have my general tasks. This is stuff I do multiple times per day, or otherwise seems like it fits here. We have weigh-in and update (1x a day), Track on MFP (6+ times a day), Take the Stairs (2+ times a day), Brush Teeth and Floss (1-2x a day), Cook Dinner (1x a day), and Friday Donuts (1x a week). For each of these I have a positive (do the good behavior) and negative (do the bad behavior), with negatives like 'Don't weigh-in', 'Skip Tracking', 'Take the Elevator', 'Eat dinner out', or 'Eat a Donut'.

All of these are really easy, honestly, and that's ok, this is more about reminding me to brush teeth and to give me positive reinforcement.

Next up we have Dailies.

These are a bit harder, but still not bad. These I can do or not do once per day. If they are grey, I've already done them or they aren't due today (many tasks only make sense on certain days). If they are a color, then they are due today. Blues and greens are things I'm doing well, yellows and reds mean I'm missing them.

Finally we have the To-do list. This is stuff that needs to get done eventually.

For these, they're all red, which means 'I haven't done these in a long time'. Most of them are long term or waiting for the right time. When I finally tick them off, they'll get me more credit. This is the area where I'm really not keeping up with it like I should, as there are TONS of things I could add to here. I should start working on that soon, and add the things I want to remind myself to do but am just not doing for whatever reason.

Overall, HabitRPG is pretty clever and a great way to encourage you to do things. However, it's also one more thing to check every day, and I can see how that would get annoying quick.

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