Wednesday, April 9, 2014

FitBit Weekly Update, plus more PAX!

Just got my FitBit weekly update, and that's always good for a blog topic so here we go! Let's take a look at my numbers.

Well, first off, look at all those red 'down' arrows. With one exception, those all suck, don't they? Fewer total steps, less distance, less stairs less calories, less sleep... but! I also lost more, so that's a net positive.

I spent much of this week battling either atrocious allergies or the mildest cold ever. Either way, it negatively impacted me doing stuff. On the other hand, though, is that by not exercising as much I'm not holding on to as much water weight.

It will be interesting to see next week's numbers though... because I'll be walking a huge amount this weekend while I'm at PAX East!

This is my first PAX. I've been to DragonCon, GenCon, and Origins, but never a PAX. I expect there will be a ton of walking as I trawl the vendor halls and exhibits. I don't have a solid plan for what I plan to do there overall, I figure I'll take it as it comes. I only have a couple of things that are 'must see' events...

First, I want to get in on the Mike and Mike Show and hear Krahulik and Selinker talk about their games, Thornwatch and the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. I really would like to get into a Thornwatch playtest session as well.

Secondly, I want to go see MC Frontalot's concert. I've seen him once before in person, at KoLCon, and it was a great show.

Outside of that, though, I expect I'll wander, explore, catch as catch can what is happening at any given time, and get in some gaming with Brandon.

I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm not sure what the content of my blog posts will be while I'm gone. I'll probably try to talk about exercise and what I'm eating, but there's a fair chance this either becomes a 4-day PAX blog, or it'll get late-night blog posts that say 'exhausted, going to bed, blog later'.

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