Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Medifast Food Review: Strawberry Shake Mix

My supply of Medifast ready-to-drink shakes is declining rapidly, and so this morning I decided to mix up some strawberry shake powder. A coworker recently stopped using Medifast and gave me her extra food, and she had a lot of shake mixes.

Now, the first thing I knew, from protein shakes in the past, is that to be drinkable they need to be COLD but also not full of ice chips. So, I grabbed a blender bottle, added 6 oz of water and the mix and a blender ball, but then I threw a few ice cubes into the Ninja and blended it into 'snow'.

I dropped the snow into the bottle and shook it for a minute or so. (I could have put the mix into the Ninja. However, adding liquid makes it very hard to get the ice to the snow consistency I wanted, AND by just using ice, I didn't need to wash it immediately and can use it for smoothies tonight.)

You'd think they could make stock photos look more appealing than this. The stuff looks like pale pepto. Leave it in your blender bottle and don't look at it is my advice.

After a minute of shaking, I took a sip, and was very pleasantly surprised. It was very similar to strawberry milk or a strawberry YooHoo, and there wasn't too much of that graininess I tend to associate with protein shakes. It was really good if you like that bright pink fake strawberry flavor. If you don't like that clearly artificial flavor combined with the consistency of a protein shake, then I'd avoid it, but for me it will be a nice change of pace.

Now that I've tried this and liked it, I may be more willing to try out other powdered shakes and move away from the RTD version. I ordered some of the Orange Creme ones, which I know most people don't care for, but we'll see!

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