Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday night workout and post-PAX gain

Yesterday was my first day back from PAX. The day started auspiciously, with a weigh-in well lower than my previous low weight. However, I also knew that I was very dehydrated. I wasn't sure how being that dehydrated for three days was going to play out at the time, especially combined with flying and lack of sleep.

However, I got back into my groove. I drank my water and went to class. I'm not going to post the workout details tonight.. it was a standard Goalbusters class with a Warm-up, partner circuit, and the only real difference was that we closed out with Tabata wall squats, which is something new.

I woke up this morning and was up nearly 4 pounds! I was pretty impressed by that number. Now, I know where it came from, I am retaining water like crazy, I drank tons and barely peed at all. Combined with a short nights of sleep, plane rides, and the fact that I was drinking so little and walking so much, I am not *that* surprised. Water is the key here, drinking it, retaining it... I need to drink more and retain less and everything will work itself out.

Drink me.

But still, now I'm curious as to what my actual gains/losses were over the weekend. I guess it's enough of an anomaly that it doesn't really matter, I'm not going to PAX every weekend. But now I just need to drink  my water, do my cardio and strength training, and stick to my diet (which has been tough, of course... I ate more carbs and now I'm hungry again!). But as of now, worst case scenario is that I went to PAX and came home at an equilibrium point, which is pretty darn good. Not as good as being down a few pounds, but even so, I'll take it!

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