Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Post-PAX Fitbit weekly report

I got my weekly FitBit report yesterday and it's interesting! Let's take a look at it.

Woo! 60,000 steps! that's what walking all over Boston for 3 days will get you. Nearly 13,000 steps on my best day, as well, and a total of over 30 miles. I'll take it.

Not only that, but 62 flights of stairs climbed... and none of those were fake days, either. I climbed lots of stairs at PAX.

Then we get to calorie deficits. I should have had about a 4lb loss according to the numbers, but instead it was just 1.8. This is because of timing, the week ended right after I gained 4 lbs of water weight the day after PAX.

Finally, we have my sleep average... it took a nosedive and dropped down to 6.5 hours. Ouch. Well, not every week will be PAX week, so that should work itself back up.

Despite the weekend, I was still only 3rd place on my step leaderboard! I need to crank it up a notch.

I have class tonight, so I'm drinking my water religiously today. I want to try to make sure my numbers are good for tomorrow when I post my spreadsheets. I know that's silly, since holding on to water after working out is so standard, but I still want to see a nice jump tomorrow and maybe get back down to my low.

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