Thursday, April 17, 2014

Three months complete! 60 pounds down!

Week 13 (91 days! Three months!) is complete, and I'm 60 pounds down from my starting weight!

Medifast is still working for me, although as time goes on I'm less shy about supplementing my Medifast meals with things like extra protein, cheese, and condiments. While this is certainly slowing my potential losses, I also believe it's helping me maintain muscle mass and keeping me on target.

I missed posting my charts and spreadsheets last week due to PAX, so it's been a while since you've seen these. Let's take a look!

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3.3 and 3.4 pound losses, right where I want to be. In addition, my BMI finally dropped below 35! I still am not a big believer in BMI, especially for my build, but even when I have no illusions about ever getting my BMI down to 18.5-25, I do think that I can get it to about 30.

My exercise numbers for PAX are pretty insane, but that's what walking all over the convention center for 8-12 hours a day will get you.

How are we doing towards goal week-by-week? Not bad.

Another column obliterated!
I'm still keeping just ahead of the 4lb/week average, although I'm still trending towards 3. The fun thing this week was that I hit the end of my 2/lb a week column! I like watching those numbers fill up. As of right now, I'm 8-10 weeks away from goal if I keep my current losses going. Probably closer to 10, and honestly I will expect to slow down even more as I keep getting closer. Hydrostatic bodyfat testing is available at my gym this May, though, and while i'd planned to wait until I hit 240 to do that, I may take advantage of it now and get a better feel for what my goal weight should be.

Now, time to take a look at TDEE:

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For 5 weeks running, my expected loss has been higher than my actual loss. This is telling me that something is wrong with my numbers... TDEE itself is based on the H-B method, which is pretty solid. I'm going with Sedentary and then calculating my Net calories as intake from MyFitnessPal minus exercise by way of Fitbit and MFP. Obviously this is not terribly accurate, and that's where I expect the disconnect is coming from. I'm fairly sure it will be a combination of not tracking everything accurately plus an overestimation of some calorie burns. However, it's close enough at my current weight that I'm not concerned with adjusting things yet. 

And lastly, a look at my graph:

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The blue line is my actual weight. Red is my expected weight based on the previous week's weight minus this week's expected burn. Finally, the yellow line is my expected weight based on TDEE from Week 1 tracked all the way out. According to my numbers, at week 13 I'm basically right on schedule.

In other news, last night we had a great Goalbusters class, and I'm looking forward to it warming up enough to get into tennis. I've got a couple of lessons that I'm itching to take, and then I think I may play in a league this summer!

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