Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hydrostatic Body Fat Test complete!

Today at lunch I went to my gym to do a hydrostatic body fat assessment. It was an interesting experience!

I showed up and was given a small room to change out of my work clothes into my swimsuit. While I was changing, Laura (the operator) asked me some basic questions... name, height, weight, why I was getting the test, etc. As I finished getting dressed she weighed me on a scale and then had me get into the tank.

The water was warm, and she had me squeeze all the air bubbles out of my trunks, hook my toes under a bar, and put a dive belt across my lap. Then she gave the instructions, I was to lie back, pinch my nose closed, and breathe out, and she would tap the side of the tub when it was time to come up.

My first time under, I was still breathing out when she tapped, and I came up.. that was just to make sure I was ok. The second time, I was still forcing air out when she let me up, told me to breathe out a little faster and go a little deeper, so my elbow wouldn't stick out of the water.

The next time, I went deeper, got a good reading, and was told for the last time when I finished breathing out, to really clench my core and force the last air out. This last time I did that and stayed under for a half second and came up. While I got dressed, she put in the numbers and got me my report.

Here's what I ended up with!

Height: 74 inches
Dry Weight: 262 pounds
Residual Volume: 2.359
Wet Weight: 5.5 lbs
Body Fat: 69.55 lbs (26.6%)
Lean Body mass: 192.45 lbs (73.45%)

Target Body Fat %: 18.1%
Target Weight: 234 lbs
Pounds to lose: 28

Resting Metabolic Rate: 2390 Calories/day
Adjusted Metabolic Rate: 3107 calories/day

I'm doing quite a bit better than expected! I still want to get to 240 lbs on Medifast, and then go into transition to lose the last bit. I was given some advice on nutrition, to increase my protein intake to 130 g/day every day, and to make sure to eat 25-30g after working out.

I plan to go back for a followup test in a few months!

Get in the truck!

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