Wednesday, March 4, 2015

One week in to my two month challenge

So, on February 24th I was at 286.1 lbs. A week later, and I'm at 278.3. I'm making strides int he right direction.

What's working so far: I'm drinking two high-protein, low carb shakes a day. That gets me 60g of protein for 320 calories.

I'm going to the gym multiple times a week to do cardio on the elliptical and my strengthening exercises to rebuild my muscle and flexibility after my surgery to repair my ruptured Achilles.

I'm limiting carbs reasonably most days.

That's basically it. Lots of protein, watch the bread, work out. I'm generally not that hungry. When I am, I eat something good for me. I keep expecting my weight to bounce back up, but so far it's pretty steady.

Eight pounds down, but it's the easy 8 pounds. 12 to go in 7 weeks. I think I can do it.

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  1. Hi, found your blog searching for info on Medifast. Your plan sounds like something that would work for me....could you tell me more about your many carbs, protein, sugars, brand name? Thanks