Friday, January 17, 2014

Medifast Day 1 Thoughts

Well, Day 1 is over... and honestly, that was no where near as bad as I had expected it would be.
 Upon waking up I had my shake. It was one of the better protein shakes I've had, you can obvisouly taste that it isn't chocolate milk, but for a protein shake, it was good stuff. We splurged on the reaady-to-drink options (30 cents more per serving), but it's worth it since you can keep them in the fridge to get cold and they don't have any of that grittiness that powdered shakes tend to have.
 By 9:00 I was hungry and ready to eat, so I opened up my parmesan cheese bites. These are nearly flavorless puffs, very similar to a rice cracker. Taste wasn't great, but was perfectly acceptable. I slowly noshed on them for the next 15-20 minutes, 1 at a time.
 For lunch, I mixed up a cream of chicken soup. I enjoy cream soups and was looking forward to this... unfortunately it had very little flavor, was thin, and overall disappointing. I had to add a ton of pepper to it, and after a couple of sips broke the rule of 'eat slow' and just pounded it down to get past it. I think if I doctor this up with hot sauce in the future, it will be more palatable, but overall, ugh.
 By 2:30 I was pretty hungry, but wanted to hold off til 3:... then I had a 3:00 meeting pop up. At 2:50 I ate about 15 pistachio kernels because I was starving. My meeting ran long and it was 4:15 when I got out, 5 minutes later I cut up my Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch bar into 8 tiny pieces... I ate 4 of them way too fast, then purposely slowed down and ate the last 4. This was the best thing I ate all day at work, by far.
 6:30, I prepped dinner. Lauren had leftover Cheese-Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza (sigh). I took a chicken breast and doused it in Worcester and Mrs. Dash and sautee'd it in a few teaspoons of oil. Christy cut up her lettuce and peppers while I cooked mushrooms from a can in their own water with some Tony's. After Christy got her chicken, I sliced mine on the bias and threw it in with the mushrooms and then doused it in some cayenne...  I normally would have eaten 2x as much, but stopped at the end of my serving.

9:00, I had my last meal, a Soft Bake Brownie. This was decent, but not as good as the crunch bar from earlier.
 I tracked my Water, and had 64 oz at work and another 32 oz at home. I should do a bit better than this. 
 I went to bed at 10:00 a little hungry... but woke up feeling fine and weighed. I know it's all water weight, but losing nearly 4 lbs on day 1 was a nice feeling.
 I'm curious to see how today goes, and how hungry I'll be. Theoretcially, the first 3-5 days are the worst as your body gets into ketosis, and then you stop feeling hungry at all and have to remind yourself to eat. We'll see if that happens for me! 

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