Saturday, January 18, 2014

Medifast, Day 2 recap

Day 2 was very similar to Day 1 in terms of hunger most of the day, but I did get a lot more hungry at night.
The Medifast food is still palatable... The Mac and Cheese was much better than the cream of chicken soup! Cheese Pizza bites were not quite as good as the parm bites, and the Chocolate Mint Bar was just as good as the peanut butter bar.
 The shake for breakfast and brownie for dessert are still working fine!
 As to my 'lean and green' meal, a 7oz ground turkey burger with taco seasoning and a can of mushrooms was much more filling than the chicken breast from the night before. I foresee using a lot of ground turkey breast in the future for 'hungry' days.
 I think I can stick with this for a significant amount of time. By tracking, buying food, blogging about it, making a plan, I've turned it into an activity that takes advantage of some of my OCD tendencies.
 First big challenge is tonight, we're going to Zac's birthday at a tapas place. I think if I limit myself to some shrimp and tuna, I can manage, but they don't have any vegetables on the menu that fall into the plan that I'll eat. So, my thought is to eat my veggies (mushrooms, yay!) at lunch, and then eat my protein at dinner. That's my plan, anyway. I'm hoping the shrimp and tuna don't come with thick rich sauces.
 Actually, eating out is going to be the challenge here... we've got D&D tomorrow night, which will cause some issues with planning, we'll probably need to eat our real meal at lunch and then just bring medifast bars to eat at Jay's house. Then, next friday we've got a planned evening out that I don't think there's anything on-plan on the menu for me at all.
 But, I'm still losing my initial water weight and still working on getting into ketosis, and so far, so good. I'd rather just drink water at a restaurant than tank the plan these first few weeks, so we'll see how that works out! 

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