Sunday, January 19, 2014

Medifast, Day 3 recap

I expected this day to be the hardest yet, but I navigated it pretty well!
 One thing, being a Saturday, I never had work to contend with. When I got hungry, I washed dishes, or did laundry, or played a game, or watched some TV. Doing things instead of eating certainly helped a lot.
Food choices during the day were based on what was convenient at the time, I ate one meal in the car, for instance. I also knew I would be going out for dinner and had to be careful there.
 Dinner was at a Tapas Bar, which was actually a great choice for the first meal out on the diet. I shared a grilled chicken skewer that i used literally less than a 1/2 tsp of sauce on, for 2-3oz of grilled chicken. Then I shared 'Wicked Good Shrimp' which was grilled shrimp in an amazing sauce. I guessed on the sauce (but think 110 calories is probably close) and added 4 jumbo tiger prawns.
I also had one bite of braised pork shoulder (I skipped the corncake it was on) and  one bite of fried jerk chicken breast.
I was worried I'd have messed up, eating a bunch of carbs I shouldn't, or gotten too much sodium and tanked myself, but I woke up feeling good and down another 4 lbs of water weight. That's 11.5 pounds of water weight in three days, which seems crazy until I remember the day prior to first weigh-in... Mc Donald's Sausage Biscuit for breakfast, Chinese Buffet for lunch, an hour long workout, and then Chick-Fil-A nuggets for dinner. Between the workout and the mass of sodium I consumed I probably had a ton extra water at the time.
 Today could be my first day of Ketosis, and when things are supposed to get easier on the hunger scale... honestly, I've not yet had any real struggles with hunger, so if it gets easier then I know I can keep this up.
 I'm actually interested in how today goes... I started the day with Cereal and Almond Milk (first time ever for Almond Milk, and it was great with the cereal!), I'm going to eat my Lean and Green meal right before D&D (1 cup of egg beaters, 3 oz of chicken, and a ton of mushrooms), then D&D... where I have to navigate the snacks at the table and then eat Medifast bars instead of real food. We'll see how tempted I am. Nick better not bring homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

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