Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Medifast Day 5 recap

So, Day 5. 
 I was back at work after the weekend, and honestly while I had some hungry times, this day wasn't that difficult. I had my cereal for breakfast, a shake, a bar, and pretzels along with my water at work, then a big pile of chicken and mushrooms with sriacha for dinner. I used the same size bowl I normally use for Asian food, but instead of rice, it was full of mushrooms.
After dinner, we decided to go to The Lodge for a light workout. I did 30 minutes of elliptical on level 6, moderate pace. It wasn't bad at all! When we got home I went ahead and made my final Medifast meal of the day, this time a pudding, mixed with crushed ice in the Ninja Blender, with almond milk instead of water. It came out like soft serve and wasn't bad at all. I should have added cocoa powder to it.
 After working out and eating, I weighed before bed and was up about 1/3 of a pound from my morning weight. This is the first time on Medifast that I have 'gained' any weight on the scale, which leads me to believe that I'm done losing the bulk of my water weight now and should start seeing my standard pattern of weighing heavier at night than I do in the morning.
Since I think I'm done with shedding glycogen, here's my day to day so far:
Day 0: Did not weigh, ate three fast food meals and worked out.
Day 1: 332.0 lbs
Day 2:  328.3 lbs (3.7 lost)
Day 3: 324.7 lbs (3.6 lost)
Day 4: 320.5 lbs (3.8 lost)
Day 5: 318.5 lbs (2 lost)
Day 6: 317.3 lbs  (1.2 lost)
332 lbs is the most I have ever weighed while tracking on MyFitnessPal.
306 is the least I weighed, back in 2012 right around Geekway. I hope to beat that number before Geekway this year.
My overarching goal this time is to get down to 250 lbs via Medifast, and then transition back to real food and decide where to go from there, health wise. At 250, I'll be back in college shape, and while I'm not doing martial arts 6 hours a week any more, I think it's a good spot. Also that should be a good weight for me to get back into Kendo and tennis is a big way, which should help me more than dieting. If I can do my workout classes 2x a week, and then hit balls with sticks and hit people with sticks a couple more times a week, I should be able to maintain/lose without having to diet, and instead just eat reasonably and track portions.
One thing that this plan is really doing is ingraining into me how easy it is to cook something healthy as opposed to something fattening. If nothing else, being forced to cook every night for 6 months or so will get me into some really good habits about groceries and keeping the kitchen in a 'ready to cook' state, stocked with spices and so forth. 

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