Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Medifast, Day 6 recap

Day 6 was an easier day.
 Work was pretty hectic so I actually forgot about eating twice, and was late on my Medifast meals.
My hardest moment was actually going to the store to buy more food for Lean and Green... I had eaten a bar at 3:45, and didn't go to the store until 5:30. At 2 hours after a bar, you're pretty hungry, and things like the hot wing bar, the doughnut and cookie cabinet, and the snack aisle all look pretty tempting.
Many times at the grocery store I would buy a snack... chocolate milk or OJ in a single serving container, maybe a chicken strip or a doughnut or a cookie. Not today. I looked longingly at the hot bar dry-rub pub wings, but skipped them. It was harder than expected, and I actually thought to myself 'how bad is one wing?'
But I managed through that and instead bought fresh kale and made kale chips. And then I ate them! I overcooked them and they were a little burnt tasting, but I ate them. I'd describe the flavor as 'smoky garlic' and the substance as 'non existent' but it was something other than mushrooms. I really need to expand my veggie options. Maybe tonight I'll try some lettuce and see if I can tolerate the flavor any better now that I've done this for a while.
On the scale... weighed last night after dinner and a couple big glasses of water, and was up 1.5 lbs from my a.m. weight, and sure enough I only lost .4 lbs this morning. I think that is indicative of a more 'natural' rate of weight loss now that I've shed all my excess glycogen. If I can average .4 lbs a day and lose 2.8 lbs a week, I'll be perfectly happy. 

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