Thursday, March 27, 2014

10 Weeks! That means it's time for spreadsheets and graphs!

I've made it 10 weeks through Medifast and am at a lower weight that I've been in years. In fact, I'm not sure when the last time I weighed 280 pounds was. It's been a while.

But, 280 pounds is one thing, another is how this week went. Let's take a look at my numbers.

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So, first off, a 3.4 pound loss, which is right in the area I want to be. That's great! However, my low weight was actually on day 3 of the week! Sunday I barely drank any water, and it showed. Then I has a workout class and still didn't drink enough water. I finally did start drinking my water again on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then had another workout class. So the lesson of the week is: DRINK YOUR WATER!

A secondary lesson is: Eating out on this diet is definitely doable!

That said, the fact that we managed to go out to eat twice in two days and stay on plan doesn't mean I want to start eating out 2-4 times a week again. Eating out is almost certainly the biggest culprit in our weight gain, so we need to plan around it and have eating out be a social vector for time with our friends, and limit the 'I just don't feel like cooking tonight' to as close to zero as possible.

How are we doing on our goals? Let's look at my weekly chart and see!

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Not as impressive this week. I only ticked off two new boxes, a 3 pound box and a 2 pound box. I was a couple tenths of a pound away from snagging a couple more. However, I'm still on track to be at 275 for PAX and 260 for Geekway. I'll take it! Any week I lose over 3 pounds is a good week!

Now for my graph. Again, it's pretty basic... I should probably add some more data points to it to make it more interesting, especially since I'm tracking calories, but that gets really mathy, and while I can make excel do some cool stuff, I'm not terribly interested in digging deep into writing formulas to calculate my projected losses based on calories in vs calories out.

In almost all my hobbies, I want to watch numbers go up instead of down.
This is the exception.

We've got a nice, fairly steady drop resolving itself over the last few weeks, and if you take out the one anomalous week at the start and a second anomalous week 7, then it's a very steady decline. Of course I will keep tracking, but I think I'm settling into a ~4 pounds a week drop as of now. As I continue to lose weight I expect this to keep slowing down a bit.

10 weeks down and at my current rate another 13 to go to hit 240 pounds and then I will take stock and revisit my goals.

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