Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prepping for PAX East

It's two weeks until I go to PAX East and it's time to plan out my attack so that I can stay on my Medifast plan as much as possible while in a convention center.

The first part is relatively easy, my Medifast meals. Unfortunately, I'm not going to have easy access to a microwave, so that is going to limit some of my choices. In addition there's no mini fridge, either, so that limits a few more choices.

So I plan to bring a selection of meals that don't require that type of prep. This means crunchy and chewy bars, shake powders, crunchy snacks, and that sort of thing.

So, we're looking at a standard day as being:

  • 1 bag of cereal (without milk)
  • 1 crunch bar
  • 1 bag of pretzels
  • 1 Bag of bites/puffs
  • 1 chewy bar

For Thursday I'll get to have a couple meals prior to my flight, so I can get a normal shake and a Hearty Meal in, and I'll be home Sunday night at 9:45 (after a stupidly long layover) but I'll likely plan to eat a smoothie when I get home.

So that means I need to pack with me 17 meals for the 4 days:

  • 3 bags of cereal
  • 4 crunch bars
  • 3 bags of pretzels
  • 4 bags of bites/puffs
  • 3 chewy bars 

That will cover all four days of meals and will work whether or not I'm in a terminal, on a plane, in a cab, in the hotel, or on the convention floor. That's actually better than my normal convention food schedule, and this stuff all fits nicely inside a Bag of Holding or my leather satchel, as well.

I don't have a picture of my Bag of Holding, apparently.

So that leaves Lean and Green. If I'm lucky, there will be a reasonably priced or even free breakfast where I can get egg whites, low fat cheese, mushrooms, and lean chicken in an omelet. While I'm eating that I'll wave at the flying pigs that sail past, as well. In reality, I'm likely going to be stuck with sub-standard convention food and will be lucky to find something that even resembles healthy.

Unfortunately, I'm not really sure what my other options will be until I'm there, I have no idea how easy it will be to move around and what will be within walking distance. On the plus side, I should burn tons of calories with all of the walking, so that will help, but in the end I'm just going to have to do my best. Maybe I'll end up eating a salad. That would be a first.

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