Friday, March 28, 2014

Reese's Cup Brownie... now with pictures

So, I've talked about this brownie a lot, but I thought it was time to do it a little justice, so last night when I baked them, I took some pictures.

So, once again, Reese's Cup Brownies, Medifast-style!

You need:
  • One Packet Soft Bake Brownie
  • Two tablespoons PB2 (prepared)
  • A Ramekin
  • An Oven, preheated to 350F
  • A Refrigerator
  • Time
Step one, prepare the Brownie mix according o the directions. I like to use a little extra water, but not much. Then, pour half the brownie into your ramekin, like so:
You can try to not get a drop on the side when you do it.

Then, once you've added half your batter, make a little hockey puck of PB2 (this is easiest if you make the PB2 with a little less water than normal) and drop that on top of the batter.

Doesn't that look tasty? Sure it does.

Then, cover with the rest of your batter, like so:

If you're lucky, your brownies will also magically clone themselves. 
Then, pop your ramekin into the oven for 15 minutes. While you wait, keep preparing your lean and green. Eventually they'll be ready and you can pull them out and see them. they should look like this:
Probably too hot to eat at this point.

Stick them in the fridge for a couple hours, or the freezer for less time. After dinner, they should be chilled well and you can eat!

Doesn't that look tempting? No? You haven't been on Medifast long enough.

And that's it. Looking at the pictures, it's obvious some things I could do better. If I baked the ramekins sitting in a pan of water, I'd probably lose the cracking on the surface. And if I flattened out the Peanut butter more, I'd lose the 'glop' in the middle. Overall though, this is a quick and easy dessert that adds a lot to the basic Medifast brownie.

As we keep eating these, I'm coming to the conclusion that I prefer the smoothies I make out of Pudding and Chocolate Chip Cookies, but I like having this as an option. I doubt I'll ever eat a 'normal' brownie again, though.

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