Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Medifast Food Review: Orange Cream Shake

Tried another new food this morning, today an Orange Cream Shake. After having success with the Strawberry shake, I thought I'd give this one a try. While packing my meals this morning I shoved a blender bottle and an Orange Cream powder into my lunch bag. I had to take Lauren to the Orthodontist so I skipped eating at home.

I sat at the Orthodontist for 30 minutes (playing Hearthstone on my Windows Tablet grabbing internet from my phone's wireless hotspot, hooray for technology! Oh, and I won my game, too.), and then dropped Lauren off to school came to work, and mixed up my shake.

I added some ice cubes to the bottle, and 6 oz of water, and then added the packet. the packet had an odd greenish tint to it, and smelled very strong of artificial orange flavor. I shook it up like crazy for a couple minutes, then let it sit. I've learned over the years that protein shakes need to sit and soak in water for a while or they are gritty, so I let this one sit for a few minutes to let it get colder and smoother.

Five minutes later I gave it another blast of shaking, then took a sip. Immediately the flavor hit me. It was very reminiscent of orange cake batter. It was just thick enough, and very sweet, and very artificial orange flavor. That combined, and sure enough, cake batter. I liked it, but it was really too sweet for 'breakfast'.

Much like the strawberry shake, I'd only recommend this to people that like artificial fruit flavor. But if you like orange soda, orange candy, etc... then this is pretty good. I think it could also be a good basis for a chocolate/orange dessert of some type. Maybe a mix of Brownie Soft bake and orange cream shake could be frozen together into a truffle of some sort?

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