Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Medifast 'Sunrise Smoothie' and FitBit update

This morning I did an experiment with some Medifast meals... I tried to emulate the Sonic 'Sunrise Smoothie'.

I took a packet of Strawberry shake, and a packet of Banana shake, and mixed them with water in a blender bottle. Then I took ice and blended it into snow, added a 1/4 cup of light Orange Juice and half the shake mix, and blended it.

I got a very bland and inoffensive smoothie. Hints of banana, strawberry, and orange, but nothing really exciting, and I won't make it again after I finish the second half of it tomorrow.

Also, I just got my weekly FitBit results!

Everything seems to be moving along fairly well here. My daily step average is down a bit, but I'm happy with the rest of the numbers. I need to be sleeping more, but that's always going to be a challenge. Of note was that I picked up my 250 mile badge! Woo.

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